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Increasing a global brand’s price positioning

An established US brand, with global growth plans, was embarking on a new joint venture. The organisation asked Ripe Strategic to carry out a review of the current price position.

The challenge was to establish the optimum positioning to deliver the growth objectives and the desired brand perception. We needed to ensure all parties were aligned.


We reviewed the current positioning and how it had been achieved, then clarified customer and consumer brand perceptions in the main market and opportunities in emerging and new markets. Working with the main brand owners and regional teams, we outlined the differing options and used working sessions to gain alignment on the best approach.


We established and activated a global pricing ambition in the new and emerging markets aligned with a more premium positioning than the brand's main market. We established a medium term plan for repositioning the brand in the main market to achieve the new pricing ambition. This led to additional profit being generated in year one and on-going in subsequent years.

A new approach can unlock an opportunity to reposition a global brand